6 Reasons to Use 1-DAY RECOAT

1-DAY RECOAT is a SAFE, FAST, ECONOMICAL, and DURABLE way to keep your hardwood floors looking new. You have a choice of BASIC, PREMIUM, and COMMERCIAL grade, earth-friendly "GREEN" finishes that are ready to walk on in less than 24 hours.

Costs less than conventional sanding and products Not only does 1-DAY RECOAT usually cost less than 98¢ per square foot, it saves you money on time, labor, and the mess associated with conventional sanding methods. Conventional refinishing can take up to a week and cost as much as $3.00 per square foot or more!

1-DAY RECOAT pre-finished floors

There is a BIG Myth about the inability to recoat pre-finished floors. With the advances in coating technology, it is now possible to recoat most factory-finished, hardwood flooring. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION today to see what we can do for you.

Environmentally friendly, low odor & fast drying

Think Green, Low VOC & NMP FREEOur “GREEN” engineered coatings don’t have the ODOR or TOXIC chemical fumes used in normal refinishing.  This makes our process safer for you, your family, and pets and safer for the environment too. And, because they dry quickly, you’re back on your floor in less than 24 hours!

Best coating choices for different floor types

We use only the best quality, waterbased, low-impact “GREEN” products from Basic Coatings. And, there are a variety of sheens available including Gloss, Semi-gloss, Satin, and Super Matte. For more information about these products, visit our PROCESS page.

  • BASIC 1®: our basic coat for light wear and traffic. We recommend this coating for households with 1-3 members and no pets or extreme traffic patterns.
  • EasyStreetTM: premium coat for heavy wear. This is our recommendation for households with 3 or more members, pets* and heavy traffic patterns.
  • StreetShoe® NXT: is the next generation in floor coatings. It uses Nano Technology for unsurpassed durability and performance.  We recommend this commercial-grade coating for high-traffic conditions such as restaurants, bars, and sports facilities.


This session is a no-risk, no-charge, no-obligation, meeting at which we determine the condition and traffic patterns of your floors, and discuss any other factors that could influence your best decision. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION today using our convenient online form!

Dedicated Professional Team

Our dedicated team works hard at continually improving our service, processes, and offerings in order to provide you the best possible floor finishes that will last for years. Please feel free to contact us anytime with your questions. You can use our convenient CONTACT form.

*Please Note:
larger heavier pets with extending claws may cause
damage to all wood fiber surfaces.