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Estate Home: Hinsdale, IL

The owners of this Hinsdale estate consulted Complete Flooring after receiving a quote from another contractor to refinish all the wood floors in their home.

The quote was for a conventional sand and finish costing 10's of thousands of dollars. And, the job would take 7-12 days to finish. All the furniture would have to be moved out and the homeowners would have to leave the house.

After inspecting the wood flooring and asking some brief history questions, we concluded they only needed a simple recoat. The flooring is a 6 inch wide, European-stained, white oak hand scrape.  Its approximately 4-5 years old and in poor condition. The finish had been completely worn off and was very noticeable when the rugs where removed. There were no major scratches and the wood has good stain color retention.

I recommended an intense cleaning and the Tycoat bonding sealer along with a Supper Matte Easystreet finish.

The process was simple
All the furniture was moved to one half of the room, the floor was cleaned, sealed and finished. The next day the other side of the room was finished. Since this home has an enormous amount of wood flooring (approximately 7,000 sf) the job took longer than 1 day but was still completed in only 3 days — with no dust or odor. 

 A very happy homeowner and pictures that speak for themselves!