We encourage all customers to make arraignments to have their furnishings removed and replaced after the
1-DAY RECOAT process. This will reduce overall cost and improve convenience. Our Technician will advise when it’s safe to replace your furnishings. If you can’t move your furnishings we can provide Professional moving before and after. Please ask your sales representative for standard rates.

Your floors surface is micro-abraded using our special rotary powered abrasive fiber pad and DUST FREE HEPA vacuum system.

This Micro scuffing process ensures a proper bond for the new coating and removes any heavily embedded contaminates from the old surface — all at the same time.

In some situations where the floor coatings are uncertain, questionable or have possible contamination which won't allow the finish to bond, we recommend the Tykote® Refinishing System. For an example of the results of this system, visit the GALLERY page and review the Hinsdale Estate project.

Please Note: If this alternative is necessary to restore your floor, then it will increase time and cost.

Your floor is bonnet cleaned with our special ECO-Friendly cleaner to maximize the bonding of your current finish and the newly applied water-based finish. The finish choices are Basic Coat or Premium Coat finishes.

Your floor is inspected for minor scratches that may be color filled or repaired. Our service technician will also inspect for any worn surfaces (for example: a worn spot under a chair leg caused from everyday wear-and-tear) and spot prime before the new finish is applied.

*Please Note: Not all wear spots will disappear after the new finish is applied. This usually happens because there are color changes in stain or certain light and water exposures. All heavily scratched floors or exposed raw wood with dark stains may need a complete sand and finish process and may not qualify for 1-DAY RECOAT.

Your trained technician will apply the first coat of either our Basic Coat or our Premium Coat ECO-Friendly “GREEN”, water-based, poly-finish using the latest manufacturer recommendations.

After the fast-dry finish has cured for 1 hour, your technician will than apply a second coat of poly-finish. While this second coat is drying, your technician will explain the list of after service directions, such as: when you may begin to walk on the floor (usually within 8 hours) and the steps to minimize possible damage the floor during its full-cure process.

Any other concerns may be discussed at this time.